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The Women in Sport

has been a topic virtually ignored by most scholars and thus female sport participation has been a relatively undeveloped area of research.

The Main Reasons being

  There has been lack of encouragement from the parents and family members.

  The traditional way of living was a big hurdle for women taking part in games and sports.

Females have been fighting for equality with male. Whether they are struggling for similar situations, opportunities rights, or even sportswomen have had to battle for the self respect that they deserve in life time. The battle for equality in women or man female player has been a problem for the country; male sports have been accused of receiving more serious recognition in the sports they play, having more playing opportunities, obtaining higher salaries, and attracting extra media coverage. According to Players Konnect, women are legal citizens of the country and deliver equal rights with humans. The most significant ingredient for this is the motivation factor, and it is there for all of us to see. We analyzed that all the girl players want not only to work but also to see a career in athletics. Empowerment in this sense refers to the surgical procedure through which women gain the self-confidence, strength, and in some contexts the information and skills, needed to clear strategic choices to improve their spirits. Hence we wish to bring up the women talent and give them a platform so that they can grow in the sports field and take up a career they desire.